Your home in the Arctic

Grímsey Island is located deep north of the coast of Iceland and the Arctic Circle is in our backyard!

Our guesthouse on the Arctic Circle

We offer eight different rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Homey, spacey and comfortable rooms for you to rest in on your travels. Breakfast is available as well as a full meal if requested. Our guesthouse is located right next to the Arctic Circle and a Puffin colony during summertime.
We look forward to meeting you!

What to do in Grímsey Island


Grímsey is a unique place when it comes to birdwatching because of the variety and density of the bird species.

Hiking and exploring the coastline

The island is roughly 5km2 in size and the coastline with its basalt columns is well worth exploring.

Explore the village

The village has 60 inhabitants who welcome your visit.